Act IV scene I pt II
Updated: 5/18/2020
Act IV scene I pt II

Storyboard Text

  • So, where they at right now?
  • Let's set a trap for them. Take some fine clothes and put them where they can see them.
  • Right away, sir.
  • I lead them to a filthy pond, sir.
  • We shouldn't have followed that music, now we're all wet and filthy!
  • I know I am, yikes.
  • Oh shut up Trinculo, you're probably still drunk.
  • It wasn't that bad
  • Well look at that! someone left some fine clothes in the middle of nowhere!
  • That's crazy! Let's try them on.
  • Guys, we should stick to the plan. Prospero is going to wake up.
  • Oh c'mon Caliban, it's going to be quick
  • Come on y'all, we need to get going.
  • Right? You've got to be dumb to do that.
  • Oh boy, these are some nice clothes. How could someone leave them here in the wild?
  • What's that noise? It sounds like a bunch of hungry dogs
  • Woah!!
  • RUN!!!