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Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Move Capital
  • Now I will not have to ride all the way to New York!
  • But the land is a swamp land!
  • It is official!
  • Hamilton
  • Jefferson
  • Since the South didn't want to help pay for the North's debt, Hamilton made a deal with them. If the capital moved south then they would help pay.
  • National Bank
  • Hamilton believed that the U.S should be a strong central government (more power to the government). He also believed that manufacturing and business would be good for America's future.
  • Loose Construction
  • It's perfectly fine to do it because the Constitution never said we couldn't
  • Jefferson thought that there should be more power to the states. Jefferson also thought that farming would be good for America's future.
  • Strict Construction
  • The Constitution never said this was allowed. So we will find a way to fix it without breaking the rules.
  • STRICT Construction!
  • Hamilton wanted a National Bank while Jefferson was against it. At the end they compromised and said they would have a National Bank for a little bit and then if it wasn't working then they would get rid of it.
  • Hamilton was for loose construction. Loose construction means if the constitution didn't say they couldn't do it, it technically means they can do it. This is how Hamilton thought.
  • That is breaking the rules. You really shouldn't do this
  • Jefferson on the other hand acted by strict construction. If the constitution didn't say they could do it, then they can't do it.
  • Once again it is perfectly fine to do it my way.
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