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Harrison Bergeron Alternate Ending
Updated: 11/1/2019
Harrison Bergeron Alternate Ending
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  • Hawkins #1
  • Hawkins #2
  • General Glampers, your presence is requested backstage
  • Hawkins #3
  • It was the ballerina's routine performance. They gazed into the crowd numbly, but still danced to the best of their mediocre ability. They had a special guest.
  • Hawkins #4
  • What is the meaning of this? Don't you know who I am?! Put those back on this instant!
  • However, the dance routine was not the only event two of the eight ballerinas had been rehearsing.
  • Hawkins #5
  • The ballerina's ritual was hypnotic to the audience. No one would even remember if two of them disappeared. It was a simple twist and twirl for the two ballerinas to depart.
  • Hawkins #6
  • I've been waiting for this moment for a long time, Diana
  • Diana Moon Glampers had never been blindsided in her life. She had to pursue and eliminate whoever was able to pull such a stunt. She instantly fought for dominance in the situation.
  • The ballerinas began to dance. For the first time, Diana Moon Glampers struggled to muster her conviction. She tried to stall until her guards would arrive.
  • I-I'll have you arrested! Fined! Jailed! If you don't stop, I'll have no choice but too--
  • The puppeteer had become the puppet.
  • Y-you're supposed to be dead!
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