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Updated: 9/20/2019
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  • There once was nothing but darkness, but then Oya came out of the nothingness and decided to create a world like the one today, except she did not create the stars.
  • One day, the moon kept getting closer and closer to the Earth, and the people of the village were scared that the moon will crush them.
  • So the great warrior Etha, born from the God Arlo and the human Lila, built a staircase that reached the moon in order to talk to the fox, Isa, that lived on the moon.
  • Once he made it, Etha saw the large pile of gems that the Fox greedily kept and weighed the moon down.
  • Therefore, Etha took out his sword and fought Kai the Moon Fox so he could throw the gems off of the moon and allow it to rise to its original position.
  • After killing Kai, Etha threw the gems into the black sky and the gems sparkled and floated there forever, consequently creating stars.
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