Among the Hidden Comic Ch. 21-End
Updated: 12/7/2020
Among the Hidden Comic Ch. 21-End

Storyboard Text

  • Maybe she knew the rally would fail. Maybe she even knew that she would probably die.
  • They're monitoring the chat room very closely. They found it after the rally.
  • She wanted to live. Not die. Not hide. Live.
  • If you will let me, I can get you a fake ID. You can be miles away before the come looking for you.
  • Because of Jen and I have connections. I work for the population police.
  • You would do that for me. Why? How?
  • Luke agreed to get a fake ID from Jen's father and says his last goodbyes to his real family. He stumbled to the car and tried to be Lee. Lee Grant turned around to see what lay ahead.
  • Turn around slowly. I have a gun. Who are you and why are you here?
  • You're Jen's dad. I'm a friend of Jen's. Please, I just want to know where she is.
  • Luke and Jen's father started having a conversation about Jen. Luke even told him how they talked very often and how he would come over to the Talbot's house.
  • If you screwed up then the security guards would have come. It is set so I automatically get notified if the system shuts down while I'm away.
  • I'm a third child, too. Jen taught me how to disable to alarms but I guess I screwed up cause you came.
  • He stumbled backwards, in shock. He bumped into the couch and sagged into it. His ears roared. He thought crazy things. This is a dream. A nightmare.
  • Jen's... Jen is no longer with us. She's dead.
  • Why didn't you try and stop her?
  • Stop Jen? That's like trying to stop the sun. So where is she?