Updated: 8/19/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Wow! This is a really nice beach and place to swim.
  • Yes, my family came to this beach when they were children
  • Great! My things are already in order. But… What is that? Are those people throwing garbage .. What is going on?
  • gentlemen, you cannot throw garbage in the sea or in the sand, it is forbidden
  • ok, we are not going to litter anymore
  • Gentlemen, I will not throw more garbage on the beach or I will have to vote for you from the beach
  • police, this family does not pay attention to me and continues to throw the garbage into the sea and into the pool
  • ok police will not happen again
  • Ok, I'm coming
  • Police keep shooting and I'm getting tired
  • gentlemen, I warned you and they ignored me so that now they are leaving the beach the hard way