Updated: 2/19/2021

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  • u having fun kenya
  • chapter 1
  • i sure am
  • could i see some idenity
  • chapter 2
  • what the heck is the reason u pulled me over for
  • lets leave the body in street
  • chapter 3
  • digscusting
  • Starr attends a spring break party with her friend Kenya in her home neighborhood, but kenya ends up leqaving starr alone and abandend by going out with her friends
  • chapter 4
  • they wanna testify khalils death
  • it wasnt about race khalil was involved with drug dealers
  • maverick gave a lecture to starr about being around cops he says to talk when they want u to talk and not to move well starr and khalil get pulled over officer 115 ask for identity khalil argues and ask why they got pulled over the officer said tail light he preceeded to his car khalil came up to the car opened the officers door and the officer shot khalil
  • chapter 5
  • welcome to williamson
  • The police leave Khalil's body in the street starr is digscusted when she sees the other officers comfort officer 115 lisa and maverick take starr home starr renembers getting caught in a gang shooting
  • chapter 6
  • all these guns make me think about khalils death
  • maverick is really worried there gonna want to justify khalils death unkle carlos comes in and exsplains the shooting didnt have anything to do with race that khailil was involved with big drug dealers and put a threat on 115
  • lisa drives starr and senaki to school she tells starr to call if she needs anything but cant use slang or have confortations or she will be disowned gomez trys to figure out what stuff jhalil did with the drugs and everything else
  • Starr panics as she and Lisa gotta go into to the police station starr sees all these guns and gets flashbacks about khalils death lisa wanted to bring starr hom\e but starr said she wanted to continue as the detectives enter the room she renembers how to act around the police