Andrew Jackson
Updated: 3/16/2020
Andrew Jackson

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  • Andrew Jackson does not deserve to be on the 20$ billby Ben Nguyen
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  • Everything started with one of his first actions. Most known as the Jacksonian Democracy. The Jacksonian Democracy was a movement where the lower class were given more power. Helping garner votes for Andrew Jackson. This was method of garnering votes is dishonorable and overall is close to buying votes. Showing Andrew Jackson character and how he would come to act as a infamous president.
  • Young man, I will tell you the tale of my life under the presidency of Andrew Jackson.
  • Please stop following me.
  • When Andrew Jackson got into presidency one of the first things he did was add a spoils system. A system in which his supporters were given office positions. He would purposely give away positions for those who supported him instead of those more suited for the job. This heavily biased way of choosing cements his role as a bad president.
  • One of the more well known acts passed by Andrew Jackson was the Indian Removal act. An act which removed all Natives from their land. It all began when Andrew Jackson wanted the Natives gone from the U.S. unless they can adopt U.S. cultures. Well when one tribe did he ended up removing them anyways since their land had gold on it. However the court announced that the land was indeed theirs, so to get past this Andrew Jackson teamed up with the states to pass an act on this and ultimately remove all the Indians from their land. Him going back on his word for greed shows his poor skills as a president
  • Another action done by Andrew Jackson to show his hypocritical nature was the events about the state rights. There was a time in which South Carolina had to pay most of the tariffs issued by the nation. Eventually they threaten to leave the U.S. due to it. A man then created the Doctrine of Nullification and in hopes of nullifying the tariffs brought it up to Andrew Jackson. He did this because he believed Andrew Jackson to be a person to side with the states. However Andrew Jackson completely goes back on his previous alignment and refuses to do it. Again showing how much of a poor president Andrew Jackson is.
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  • Finally one of the worst actions he did as president was the removal of the national bank. Andrew Jackson never liked the bank much believing that it gave too much power to the rich. So he ends up removing them and instead opens up state banks instead. However in the end this system works out very poorly. To fight this he prints more money but this just causes inflation instead on a major scale which crashes the economy. Yet despite him crashing the economy he is put in a 20$ bill which is pretty ironic, wouldn't you agree. This major economy crash shows his ineptitude as a president.