Updated: 10/27/2020

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  • an example of a food chain is fox,deer,plants
  • food chains are when there is a chain of animals feeding of of other animals
  • if one animal were to go extinct then lots of animals would go extinct
  • in winters there are not alote of animals that hibernate even wit the cold weathers
  • deciduous forest winter temperatures are well below freezing and summers are wild
  • there are not alote of abiotic elements and they are rocks, soil,water,sunlight,climae,rain,hills,tempature and air masses
  • examples of biotic elements a deciduous forest.bears,foxs,chipmunks,squrrels,wolfs,plants,trees,badger,deer,antelope,bald eagles, birds,insects,ext.
  • there are alote of types of biotic elements the deciduous forest
  • deciduous forests are formed when all the leaves or dead leaves fall of the trees bushes or plants and just scatter o the ground.
  • facts about a decidious forest.1.the leafs in a deciduous forest chang colours in fall due to the death of chlorophyll
  • vicious 2.most of the trees in a deciduous forests are oak maple and beech3.the largest deciduous forestin the world is in eastern north America.
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