Monster 8.7 - Aymee
Updated: 4/8/2021
Monster 8.7 - Aymee

Storyboard Text

  • need to eat.
  • *sigh* I told you that I am not hungry
  • okay sir.
  • stay here! They will pick you up in about two minutes.
  • I hope everything goes well...
  • Harmon denies Vo´s offer of eating.
  • The Monster..
  • This is nerve-racking.
  • It´s him...
  • Harmon is being sent to court.
  • Yes ma´am.
  • you realize that this is a serious situation, right?
  • Harmon arrives to the court house.
  • Harmon has entered the court room.
  • Kathy O´Brien assures that Harmon knows that the situation is serious.
  • Court is over.