Comic strip of A Triumph of Surgery

Updated: 5/23/2021
Comic strip of A Triumph of Surgery

Storyboard Text

  • But Dr. its very difficult I can't live without him
  • Dr, you see earlier he seem to have no energy so I thought that some extra meal can biuld him up
  • All right Dr. but take care of him
  • I think the only way to treat him is by keeping him on a strict diet so you have to leave him with me for next 15 days
  • Omg! Tricki has become hugely fat why?
  • I am sorry you have to!
  • Day 1
  • How are you feeling here Tricki with your friends?
  • Last Day
  • Day 3
  • All of you come here!, have your lunch!
  • After few mins
  • Oh poor dog! you have to be energetic otherwise u won't get any food
  • Day 4
  • Come on Tricki! you can do it, this time I have putted an extra bowl for you
  • After few mins
  • Great tricki you did it this time! You have progressed a lot
  • Omg! Tricki is from such a rich family, I think that I should make him a permanent guest and get brandies regularly
  • No! what am I thinking! well its time that I should call Mrs Pumphrey to tell her that she can take Tricki home
  • Hello Mrs Pumphrey, I am very happy to say that you can take Tricki back home now
  • Thanks a lot Dr, I don't know how can I thank you this is a triumph of surgery!
  • Welcome!