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la poem book thing 3 story boards
Updated: 1/13/2020
la poem book thing 3 story boards
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  • Love That Dog
  • By Sharon Creech
  • By SawyerBailey
  • The exposition, Jack and his teacher are talking. This story is written in jacks journal and although we do not hear what the teacher writes back to him, We can infer quite easily. The class is beginning a unit on poetry and Jack is anti poetry.
  • ugh I am anti poetry
  • Class we are starting the poetry unit
  • The rising action is when Jack reads a poem by Mr. William Dean Myers. He writes to Walter Dean Myers to request a visit to his school.
  • I love this poetry by William Dean Myers
  • I think I can make something like this
  • The climax is when the reader learns that sky, Jacks dog had been hit by a car and died. Then Mr. Walter Dean Myers comes to visit Jacks school.
  • Jack's teacher is starting a poetry unit in school and Jack hates poetry. On page 3 Jack says "I tried Can't do it Brains empty." this shows that Jack doesn't like poetry and doesn't understand it.
  • The falling action is when Jack writes a letter to Walter Dean Myers after he visited Jacks school.
  • Dear, Walter Dean Myers
  • In the book Love that Dog on page 35 Jack says "That was so great those poems you showed us where the words make the shape of the thing is about-- like the one about an apple that was shaped like an apple and one about the house that is shaped like a house. This shows that Jack was inspired by Mr. Walter Dean Myers.
  • The resolution is when Jack shares the poem he wrote about his dog that was inspired by Mr. Walter Dean Myers.
  • My poem is about a dog
  • On page 70 The climax is " and is saw sky going after the ball wag-wag-wagging his tail and I called him Sky Sky and he turned his head but it was too late because the blue car spattered with mud hit Sky. This is the climax when Jakcs dog gets hit by a car.
  • On page 82 Jack writes a letter to Mr. Walter Dean Myers " Thank you and your family and your things-people-have-to-do to come to visit us in our school in our class."
  • On page 84 Jack says "if someone used some of your words and especially if they added a not that they were inspired by Walter Dean Myers."
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