Updated: 1/10/2021

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  • Beginning
  • bye
  • bye mom
  • Middle
  • The weather is beautiful today!
  • Middle
  • Ahhhhh
  • Timing: 10 secondsAction: waving the hand to say goodbyeLong Shot, two-shotCamera movement: zoom out then need to pan Shot 1; scene 1
  • Middle
  • Timing: 25 secondsAction: Riding on a bike and talking to himselfAngle: Medium long shot,up-shotcamera movement: zoom out then need to panShot 1; scene 2
  • Middle
  • Timing: 15 secondsAction: he was riding his bike suddenly he saw the rock on the ground and he couldn't stop the bike in the meanwhile a boy comes up and he stares at him with a shocked expression. Angle: Long-shot, POVCamera movement; zoom outShot 2; scene 1
  • End
  • Timing: 10 secondsAction: The bike and the boy fell down and the boy got hurt and the other boy was staring at him.Angle: Long shot, two-shotCamera movement: zoom out then need to panShot 2; scene 2
  • Ouch
  • Timing: 30 secondsAction: The other boy helped him get up and they smiled at each other and they start talking to each other.Angle: Mid-shot, over the shoulderCamer movement: zoom in Shot 3; scene 1
  • Thanks for helping, wanna be friends
  • No problem, why not
  • Timing: 10 secondsAction: They became friends they walked and talked together.The end.Angle: Extreme long shot, up-shotCamera movement: zoom outShot 4; scene 1
  • Haha
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