Economics 5 steps to building human capital
Updated: 11/23/2020
Economics 5 steps to building human capital

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  • 1. The starting point:Aptitudes, interests and Aspirations
  • College office
  • 2. Becoming Qualified : education, Certification, and licensing
  • 3. Gaining work experience and on the job training
  • I was asked what I wanted to do in the future. I took a naviance quiz to help me obtain some idea of what that could possibly be. I decided I wanted to be able to help people and to do that I shall become a nurse practitioner. I like to think that in the future i'll be able to make people feel better.
  • 4. Increasing personal productivity : Effort and High Standards
  • 1. I must first earn either a Bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) I can do that by starting to obtain an Associate Degree in nursing (ADN) and then go for the BSN. (4 years min). Then I have to become a licensed registered nurse. After I am a registered nurse, I should gain experience in nursing, preferably in pediatrics. (1-3 yrs). Next I will have to attend an accredited Nurse practitioner program dedicated to pediatrics to bestow a master of science in nursing or a doctor of nurse practice degree. (2-3 years). Finally I have to pass the certification exam offered by the pediatric nursing certification board.
  • 5. Building a personal-professional Network
  • I can gain experience by doing internships that may be offered by schools to get a feel for nursing. I could get a mentor who can give me advice and lead me to becoming a nurse practitioner. I could also volunteer at a hospital to see what the work place is like.
  • Landing My dream Job
  • It will be okay
  • I will need to be confident and make my patients feel as comfortable as they can. If everyone sees that I can be calm under pressure, they will see that I am reliable. Talking to my work peers could also show that I want to be there and help out as much as possible.
  • In the future I could join a nurse association or other organizations to be able to be around other nurses. I can volunteer at a nursing home to start so I can see what it is like to help people.
  • After all is done, I will finally be able to work as a pediatric nurse practitioner and make kids feel better.