Updated: 12/10/2019
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  • Nationalism and Rowlatt Acts
  • The British promised that we would get a self-government! You should not be allowed to arrest us!
  • We must arrest you if you chose to to protest,
  • Amritsar Massacre
  • I was ordered to shoot because of the alliance
  • Mahandas K. Ghandi
  • Independent government is for the better!
  • After many Indians joined the British army they became fans of the country. That all changed when the British didn't follow through with their promise to give them self-government. Many people protested when the Rowlatt acts were passed.
  • Civil Disobedience
  • There was a protest against Rowlett's acts. The British soldiers were ordered to shoot the people protesting due to the fear of the alliances forming with religions. This created the Amritsar massacre and 400 Indians were killed and 1,200 were wounded.
  • Salt March
  • Woo it's fun making salt
  • Gandhi became the leader of an independent government movement. He wanted to settle injustice by joining all religions together.
  • Self Rule
  • Here is independence but not full independence!
  • in 1920 congress decided to obey and unjust law to gain independence. But to protest against this Gandhi launched a civil disobedience to weaken the British government
  • Civil disopenince for the win!
  • Gandhi organized to defy the hated salt tax. He created a peaceful protest where people started to make their own salt and show their opposition called the salt march.
  • India gained greater political power. The British parliament passed self-government and gave India a small portion of independence. This created the fight for self-rule.
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