Final Bio
Updated: 6/4/2020
Final Bio
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  • This is the home of a man named Bill. One Sunday morning he decides to go for a nice long walk at a nearby park.
  • The car is an abiotic factor. Abiotic means it is non-living
  • The gas from the car ends up in the air. This is also known as the atmosphere. The atmosphere is the layer of gases and air that surrounds the planet Earth.
  • While driving to the park, he notices the gas coming out of the cars around him and even his own.
  • The atmosphere also contains the CO2 that helps us all breathe.
  • Bill finally arrives to the park and starts his walk!
  • The rocks that Bill is walking by is a part of the lithosphere. The lithosphere is the rocky layer of the Earth.
  • When the dog goes to the bathroom, overtime it will go into the ground and become fossil fuels and be apart od the lithosphere, like the rocks he saw earlier.
  • This dog, along with Bill, is a biotic part of this scene. Biotic factors are the living things on Earth.
  • Later on Bills walk, he comes across a dog.
  • The pond Bill found is a part of the hydrosphere. The hydrosphere is the water or water layers of Earth.
  • Bill found more biotic parts! He saw fish!
  • Bill and all of the other biotic parts of this story are all apart of the biosphere. The biosphere is all of the organisms, or living things, that are on the Earth.
  • Bills walk has come to an end so he walks back to the car.
  • The End!
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