Tax history canada
Updated: 3/29/2021
Tax history canada

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  • Grandpa, with your time to leave us coming, it is time for us to discuss your will. Now unfortunately those darn taxes will take away from the majority of my inheritance so-
  • Hold it right there sonny!
  • While it may be true that such taxes may be a pain I remember when it had an impact on the entire world back in WW1 when Canada first introduced taxes! Needing to fund their war efforts, Canada decided to introduce an income tax so the citizen could help pay off the financial burden of the war.
  • ZZZZzZ
  • In fact, even sales tax originated from helping in the war, with the need to pay for pensions rising. This method of taxation was so effective they made income tax permanent in 1948! So the next time taxes come up in a conversation, remember just how useful they were to fueling the war efforts for the free world. Now what was that about my will?