An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge
Updated: 11/11/2020
An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge

Storyboard Text

  • Oh very interesting news >:)
  • There is a bridge farther out that could be destroyed to stop the union
  • I work for the other side and have baited you and you shall now hang for plotting against the union
  • HAHAH get baited nerd >:)
  • this not fair you have baited me :(
  • The soldier arrives at the plantation asking for water and informs Payton of the bridge that would help stop the union. Payton than plans to go destroy the bridge
  • I need to find my way home so i can see my wife :(
  • Payton arrives at the bridge where he is stopped by the soldiers and meets the same soldier from earlier and finds out he was being baited and now will be hanged for his plot.
  • :,)
  • As he is hung the rope snaps and falls into the water where he is fired at rapidly but finds a way to escape from them
  • *DEAD*
  • He finds himself in a thick forest where he's trying to find a way out and eventually stumbles upon a straight shot road to his home
  • He finds his home and sees his wife with a warm smile looking graceful as ever. As he goes in for her sweet embrace he is stricken by a stunning blow on the back of his neck and is surrounded by a blinding light than noting but darkness and silence
  • Payton Farquhar is in fact dead and the cause is a broken neck from hanging. he swings gently side to side from the Owl Creek Bridge.
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