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Updated: 4/3/2020
Unknown Story

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  • what a great day at new York can wait to play outside
  • NO
  • so that day Danny was getting ready for that day. And he live in new York for his whole life but his mom is worrying too mush. Because new York is dangers like all the time in everyday
  • Danny we can not live here anymore because new York is not good place to live we are moving to Hawaii
  • Mrs. Mills all ways heated Hitler Because he was a very bad mam for a very long time now. And he start war world two and not only that he kill so much people and that why Mrs. Mills hate him
  • I gust so
  • Now Is a good place to live now than new York
  • Than later Danny friend come over because they were bored on that day. but later they were run aourd and than his friend fall off because they were go to crazy.
  • after a very long time in that day his friend will be okay he was just unconscious for awhile. But not all that Danny mom want to move way from New York, because New York is to dangers and they want to move to Hawaii.
  • So they did move to Hawaii but it was head for Danny. Because they have to go to new school and make friends go to a new state.
  • Than later on that day Danny go to visit the navy to see the navy ship and the battleships. And the tanks and more because he was very bored.
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