ELA project
Updated: 12/11/2020
ELA project

Storyboard Text

  • Shut up bro I cant find any good ones I'll look fo some later.
  • Boy yo shoes raggady you need to get some new ones.
  • Yeah but I have the Under Armour cleats and they feel really good.
  • Under armour
  • Even though the reveiws on the under armour are pretty decent too.
  • I dont know think i like the Nike ones better they got an elastic cuff and good external pods.
  • Should i get these nike edge pro 360's or Under Armour C1N MC cleats?
  • The nike and under armour both have 4 1/2 stars but the nike look better
  • Yeah but are they more sturdy? Mine are very sturdy and give alot of support.
  • Have you read these reviews on the NIKE. Some are saying the elastic sock tears.
  • I mean look at all the other reveiws, there is only one star reveiw on amozon
  • Prolly cause they dont take cre of them they are still better.
  • Like some guy named David said "My son loves them, they fit good and hug his feet,".
  • Dude look at all of these positive reveiws I think I am forsure buying them.
  • I mean look at all the other reveiw its the ony 1 star that it has.
  • Prolly cause they dont take care of them they are still better looking.
  • Lets get to your house before it rains!
  • Ok
  • Thanks
  • Good shoe decision Jamal.