Latin Story
Updated: 12/19/2019
Latin Story
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  • Adam, the nice dragon
  • Ginger, an evil unicorn
  • Abbey, Princess of Sidus
  • Adam is a kind and caring dragon, who looks after the kingdom and people of Sidus.
  • Revenge
  • Ginger is a unicorn, who is angry with all of the people of Sidus because they are the reason that her family died. They hunted unicorns to the point where they were almost extinct.
  • The spell's effects
  • Abbey is the only daughter to the King. She is often told to stay out of trouble, however when Ginger terrorizes her people, she steps up.
  • The Final Battle
  • Due to the hunting and near extinction of unicorns, they are now very rare. However, they are now protected under the King's law. Nevertheless, this came too late and almost all of the unicorns are gone. Ginger is now very angry and wants revenge. Ginger forces a witch, named Agatha, to cast a sleeping spell on Sidus.
  • Everyone in Sidus was put to sleep, including the King. Yet, there is hope Adam, the protecting Dragon was not affected by the spell. He finds that Princess Abbey, who out of the country when the spell was cast, is also unaffected. Together, they search for Ginger.
  • Adam and Abbey hope to peacefully solve the issue, however, Ginger becomes angry and kills Abbey. Ginger refuses to lift the spell. What will happen next, stay tuned for the next episode!
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