Updated: 7/14/2020
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  • Oh No
  • Edward Jenner was a good scientist and was determined to conquer the deadly smallpox. One day he watched a milkmaid called Sarah Nelmes get infected with cowpox.
  • Jenner started to think that milkmaids never got smallpox, Jenner suggested that the pus in the blisters that milkmaids got from cowpox made them immune to smallpox.
  • Jenner tested his theory by innoculating James Phipps, and eight-year-old.
  • VACCINE for smallpox been found, all thanks to Edward Jenner and James Phipps!!
  • Jenner scraped puss from Sarahs' cowpox blister and placed it in a cut on Phipps' arm. Sure enough Phipps got a fever but no big infecction.
  • He later injected Phipps with smallpox, but no infection followed. Jenner did this a couple of times just to be sure.
  • Later a vaccination was made official for smallpox, and it no longer exists.
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