Boo Radley house
Updated: 2/14/2020
Boo Radley house
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scout is walking pass the house as she come from school

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  • i still don't care get off of him
  • Scout in the hell are ya doin? Get off that harmless boy or I'll tell Calpernia
  • Fine
  • But he made me get in trouble!
  • do you want to come over for lunch
  • pickle eater!Tooth Picker!
  • hey wait, Im coming!!!!
  • Atticus home
  • not this kid again
  • What in the sam hill are you doing, you are gonna drown your plate with honey
  • Scout is bulling Walter because she stood up for him and gotten in trouble in the classroom Jem threatens to tell Calpurnia on Scout
  • shut up scout
  • While Walter and Scout are calling each other names Jem invites Walter to join him and Scout for dinner
  • Go say sorry to Walter and act nice to him and take that frown off your face
  • bye loser!!!!
  • Walter accept's, then runs to join Scout and Jem for dinner. Scout is annoyed
  • Bye guys and thank you Jem for inviting me!
  • Jem, scout, Atticus and Walter sits down for dinner as Walter fills his plate with honey Scout look disgustedly at him and makes a rude comment and Walter looks sadly to the ground
  • Calpurnia pulls scout to the kitchen to confront her about her actions and tells her to apologize and act like she like him.
  • Scout and Jem walks Walter to his house and is surprised how it look Scout not feels pity for Walter while he enter his home
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