The Fall of the House of Usher

Updated: 9/22/2021
The Fall of the House of Usher

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  • Thank you for coming..
  • Hello Rodrick
  • Shes gonna pass soon, take in the moments you have with her..
  • Oh okay... *shocked*
  • Lady Madeline passed away last night...
  • Oh I'm so sorry.
  • After the narrator gets a letter from his friend he goes to his house that used to be beautiful but now is destroyed with Usher and Lady Madeline living there.
  • As the narrator are talking in the living room they see Lady Madeline, Rodrick's sister, and Rodrick's tell the narrator his sister is going to die soon..
  • A few nights later Rodrick tells the narrator that his sister, Lady Madeline, had died but he was going to keep her for 2 weeks to make sure she wasn't dead.
  • Rodrick starts grieving his sisters death. The narrator tries what he can to cheer up his friend. Unfortunately he is extremely sad most of the time.
  • One nights after we had laid Lady Madeline to rest, the narrator reads Rodrick a story. This book was a romance book. But later in the story they started hearing noises to that kind of match the words in the book.Rodrick told the narrator nights before he heard noises where his sister, Lady Madeline, had been put to rest. He told him he thought she might have been alive, and angry so he didn't want to face her. 
  • The noises start to get louder and soon there at the basement door. Lady Madeline walked in after escaping and collapsed in Rodrick's arms. Lady Madeline and Rodrick died in front of the narrator. The narrator fled the house and watch it crumble.