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The Interwar Years
Updated: 6/7/2019
The Interwar Years
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  • please give me a job. I have children at home! They need food and an education. 
  • I'm sure you can find a job somewhere else. 
  • I'll do anything for money. Everything i owned was destroyed by those Germans!
  • (somewhere in Germany) How will we ever find a job?! Our taxes are becoming much higher and we have barely any money to live off of. Should we even trust our government. We need leadership!
  • Sir! The people of our country needs more supplies and resources or our people will not trust us with Japan.
  • We must focus on industrializing and restoring our country to its full potential so we can be ready in case of another invasion, and protect our people.
  • The Great Depression Around the 1920's the US fell into a state of poverty and were economically declining. Stock markets were crashing, and people were rapidly losing their jobs. Because of this many people lost their money, were in debt, and became poor. Luckily around the 1930's America's president Franklin Delano Rooselvelt came into power and made a "New Deal" that would help the US. He was able to set up programs, work projects, and financial reforms to help get the people of the US back on its feet, and help restore its country.
  • The World Wide Depression Around 1929, many countries across the globe have been impacted by WW1. While the US was going through its " Great Depression", Great Britain was taxing America product to gain more money to restore its country. In Germany people were becoming unemployed and broke due to the country having to pay back european countries from the world war. All of this has caused man people to be in a state of poverty and looking for leadership.
  • Japanese Imperialism Around the 1890's after WW1 Japan soon realized they were lacking natural resources. In order to make sure its people kept their trust in the government, Japan focused on getting their resources imported. Japan also focused on being commited to respecting their ruler, as well as becoming a united nation.
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