Valley Forge

Updated: 9/15/2021
Valley Forge

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  • The Winter at Valley Forge (1777)
  • George Washington's Quarters
  • Soldiers Quarters
  • Valley Forge was where the Continental Army camped for the winter and trained to be a stronger army. They suffered cold, hunger and illness during the winter months.
  • Problems Faced by the Soldiers #1
  • George Washington stayed at a stone house where he made plans and had meetings with his generals.
  • Problems Faced by the Soldiers #2
  • The soldiers were made to build log huts to sleep in and to try to keep warm from the snow and cold. They had very little wood to burn for heat and were sick a lot.
  • Training with Baron Fredrick von Steuben
  • The soldiers faced very cold temperatures and bad weather such as snow and ice.
  • Many soldiers died from being sick with smallpox, typhoid, and influenza.
  • The soldiers trained well and were strong enough to be ready to march against the British Army. They learned how to folloe commands to be good soldiers.