Updated: 1/12/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I don't know if I can play in the game. I twisted my knee last game.
  • Hey, I still have some painkillers left from my injury earlier. You could take one and still play in the game. 
  • You have a decision to make. Should you take the painkiller that your friend is offering you?
  • determine the decision
  • examine your options and consider their consequences
  • Option A. take the pain killer and play in the gameorOption B. tell the coach that you are injured and don't play in the game.
  • consifder thr positives and negatives of each option
  • identify your values and influences
  • what are some things that could affect you decision.
  • decide the healthiest option
  • Option B. is the healthiest option.
  • evaluate the outcome
  • I really want to play in the game but I think that I should tell the coach that I'm injured.
  • Ok, that sounds like a good idea. maybe you can play in the next game.