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Updated: 11/26/2017
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  • In this scene, Paul and his mother are ready to unpack the car and move into their new house where Paul's father and brother are waiting for them. A new journey starts here for the Fisher family.
  • Exposition
  • Mike gets struck by lightning, and is not waking up by CPR. Soon after, ambulances came. Mike was dead, everyone was sad, sorry and surprised by this fact. Paul now suspects this area in Tangerine is a little strange...
  • Hmmmmm...?
  • Rising Action
  • In this scene, Luis comes up to Erick and Arthur. He wants revenge from when Erick slapped Tino. So, he tries to make Erick feel sorry for what he did by mocking him. In return, Arthur tries to hand Erick a mysterious object in a bag, but Erick pushes it away. Arthur has had enough and hits Luis in the head. Little do they know their is a witness behind the bleachers.
  • Rising Action
  • In this scene, Tino and Victor come up on stage to humiliate Arthur and Erick. This is because they know that they murdered Luis and they came for revenge. 
  • Let's get em'
  • Hoooh
  • That's for Luis Cruz! I take care of his light work.
  • Climax/Conflict
  • In this scene, Mrs. Fisher has found out who has stolen items from the tented houses. They are no other than Erick and Arthur. This part seems to come together now, this is because it explains the black bag and why Erick left in his car every night.
  • While out at our storage bin... I found a gym bag that did not belong there. In there were watches, diamond earrings, gold rings, and more.
  • Falling Action
  • In the beginning of the story, Paul didn't have a lot of the attention from his parents. It seemed to be all about Erick and his football dream. Also, Paul had troubles as people would make fun of him with his big, thick glasses. As the story went on, the bullies didn't affect Paul anymore. He soon made friends and came up with the courage to face his brother. He wanted to have him think twice about what he has done. The theme of this story is courage. This is because Paul overcame the bullies, his brother, and became more confident in himself.
  • Resolution/ Theme
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