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Great Gatsby
Updated: 6/8/2020
Great Gatsby
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  • Tom has an affair
  • Nick meets Gatsby
  • Gatsby loves Daisy
  • Tom starts seeing another women her name is Myrtle he does this while being with daisy Myrtle was describe as carrying"surplus flesh for a women" even if myrtle wasn't attractive Tom wanted to take control of her and feel power over her because she was of the lower class (Fitzgeralad 28).
  • Daisy murders myrtle
  • Nic gets invited to a Gatsby party which is a pretty big deal and in the. party Nick hears ton of rumors like of Gatsby being a "german Spy"(FItzgerald 48) but Nick finds out Gatsby is a cool dude.
  • George kills gatsby as an act of revenge
  • Gatsby makes an attempt to get closer to Nick so he can see daisy someone who he loved and in a way to seduce her he shows her expensive shirts made of "silk"(Fitzgerald 99) as Gatsby attempt to seduce Daisy with shirt works daisy likes gatsby but still loves Tom.
  • Nick Leaves
  • Daisy was coming back from the plaza and then she sees myrtle then she accidentally hits her killing myrtle a worker described myrtle's mouth "was open and ripped in the corners"(fitzvgerald 147). Daisy also just leaves myrtle on the road to die.
  • George looks for Gatsby in order to kill because George believes that Gatsby was the one who killed Myrtle which isn't true so George pulls up to Gatsby's house and caught Gatsby lacking in the pool and then shoots him in the head he notices Gatsby "Isn't moving" and then go searches for help.
  • Nick starts to leave to Minnesota and before he goes he goes to GAtsby mansion to wpnder about society and how he sees the east as "haunted" due to things he experienced here.
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