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Updated: 4/17/2020
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  • On this island there are many species of birds yet a low food supply. Natural selection will cause the weaker species of birds to go extinct while the birds better at gathering food will thrive.
  • Because of deforestation this pack of wolves was forced to move to a high altitude and colder climate. Eventually the process of natural selection the wolves will adapt and change to be more adiquit for this climate.
  • Some of these rabits are much easier for hawks to hunt than others. Evolution or specifically natural selection will eventually lead to a higher amount of the more camoflagued rabits.
  • The small green bird was the best at gathering food so it was the one who survived.
  • These wolves have adapted to their new enviorment to be more suited for this new area.
  • The brown rabbits were much better at hiding from the hawks which is why they have a much higher population.
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