Myth of Medusa
Updated: 3/22/2020
Myth of Medusa

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  • Yes indeed
  • Medusa, who lived in Athens, was a girl who was considered the loveliest of them all in the community.
  • Myth of Medusa
  • I am Medusa. I am the prettiest in town. Aren't I girls??
  • Her fondness of herself grew more slowly each day, making her boast about her looks and sometimes even distracting her. For example, when fetching water for her father, she completely forgot the reason behind fetching it and instead begins boasting about how beautiful she looked in the reflections.
  • Medusa, can u fetch me some water please?
  • Of course, father. (After fetching water)- Wow, I look so....beautiful in my reflection. I'm so pretty! Oh wow!
  • One day her and friends decided to go to the Parthenon. But even there, her beauty gets the best of her and she can do nothing but help to boast about herself and compare herself to the great Athena. While everyone admires the beauty of the place, Medusa thinks about herself.
  • Wow. I could be a better ruler then Athena. I look so much prettier then her. See, at least my reflections show the beauty within me. If this Parthenon was dedicated to me, it would be way better!
  • I'm so grateful for Athena. You should too Medusa.
  • Eventually, whispers grew and people left in fear of the goddess overhearing all the things Medusa had to say. However, Medusa didn't notice the leaving of the people due to her being too busy of admiring her beauty.
  • I'm so pretty!
  • Let's leave.
  • Athena arose and came in front of Medusa after hearing her horrible comments in her own temple. Medusa tried to defend herself, but it was too late by then.
  • You think you are pretty. Even if you are, do you think beauty is the only important aspect of life. Do you think your better then anyone just because of your beauty, because if you do, your fooling yourself.