The Persian War Storyboard
Updated: 4/20/2020
The Persian War Storyboard
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  • The Greek colonies along the Mediterranean and Black Sea had close contact with the city-states of the Greek Pennsylvania. King Darius sent Persian troops to stop this rebellion with the Greek colonies. When in the midst of doing so, Greek city-states of Athens and Ertricia sent their troops to aid the Greek rebels. Persia regained control of it again, but Darius thought to conquer all of Greece to prevent future rebellions. He also wanted to expand his territory. This had started the Persian Wars.
  • We will defend Greece.
  • I'm coming to stop the rebellian.
  • In 492 BCE Darius sent a huge amount of soldiers to conquer Greece, but the Persians had a hard time getting supplies across the Aegean Sea. A early attempt to conquer Greece failed because all the battle ships were lost in a storm. This was a advantage to the Greek city-states. The Greeks managed to win the battle of Marathon, and the Persians retreated back. Ten years later Darius's son Xerxes took a army around the Sea to avoid what happened last time,but it took forever for them to travel. This gave the Greeks time to plan what to do. The Greeks made them go through a narrow canyon which allowed only a few Persian troops to enter at a time. A army of 3,000 Spartans were their to hold them off at the time. One of them betrayed the Spartans and told the Persian army how to attack from both sides. This made 2700 of the 3000 Spartans retreat home. The 300 Spartans died in battle, but held off the Persians for a day. Xerxes Army conquered Athens after that. Luckily for Athenians they went to nearby islands to escape before hand.
  • You are out numbered on both sides give up.
  • Persians
  • We never give up, we will defend our families.
  • Greeks
  • These were the Greek battleships. They rammed into the Persian ships and destroyed them into pieces.
  • The Greeks army was still intact even though their home wasn't. They had battle ships that could navigate through narrow rivers. The ships also had sharp ends to ram into the Persian ships. The Persian empire had huge ships that could not navigate well at all. Therefore the Greeks lured them into a narrow area, and destroyed all the Persian ships. They won the battle of salamis and the battle of Plataea. This made the Persian empire give up and focus on politics instead. This was the end to the Persian Wars. Greece became independent from the Persian empire from that.
  • This was the Persian ship which was big, but navigated poorly.
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