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Gov't/Econ Storyboard 1
Updated: 10/1/2019
Gov't/Econ Storyboard 1
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Storyboard Text

  • Here is the insurance money
  • Okay, I'm on my way
  • I need more financial support!
  • President Trump to increase taxes on products.
  • This illustration represents subsides. The government guy shows up at the farm, that has no crops, to pay the farmer. Subsides are amounts of money from the government given to businesses/industries to lower the cost of making the product.
  • Your request is granted
  • If you support my opinion, I'll vote for you
  • This illustration represents government supports. The man lives in a bad house and weeps for more money. Government supports are amounts of money given to people who can't provide for themselves or their families.
  • No admission.YAY!!!
  • YellowstoneNational Park
  • This illustration represents government overspending. The newsman says that the government will need more money due to overspending. Government overspending is when the government spends more than it can make, this causes national debt.
  • We need more agriculture subsides!
  • We need a stronger defense!
  • We need better assisted living!
  • We need higher wages!
  • This illustration represents interest groups. The man says he wants Obama to support his goal in return for votes, Obama agrees to this. Interest groups are groups of people that try to shape policies through the means of politicians.
  • This illustration represents the free-rider problem. Even though they are children, they visit a park for free that they didn't pay for at all (taxpayers pay). The free-rider problem is individuals who use public goods without paying for the goods.
  • This illustration represents pork barrel legislation. The people in the crowd need money for certain things, making the government use the budget on these certain things. Pork barrel legislation is competition between politicians for funds for their people.
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