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Updated: 10/2/2020
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  • Abrahamic religions, they are monotheism religions, that Abraham created, these religons started in the middle east, and have been going on for a while, the youngest it christianity
  • Judaism: Bealives in one god just like the rest. I amd a rabi and i am the holy leader at this synogoge
  • Judaism began in 2000 BCE, and is the second oldest religion. They also follow the ten comandments, they are not the same as christianity, because jesus of nathorith is what christians bealive, he was jewish to start out and then he built christianity, this is why judiasm and chirstianity are completly different
  • Christianity: as well as judiasm we also bealive in one god, i am a preist and i am the holy leader at this church
  • Christianity began in 30 Ad, Jesus is gods son, and people who follow Christianity follow Jesus, and pray and listen to Jesus. They follow the ten comandments so when they pace, they may go to heaven.
  • Islam began in the 7th century AD, this is the oldest religion between the three. The people of Islam follow the Five pillars of faith, and with this they pray 5 times a day to worship there god. Also one big thing of being a islam is to experience the hajj in mecca, you must go there once in your lifetime. There they all change, and they are all the same, everyone is Islam and that it is. Color, race does not matter. This is the biggest ritual with being an islam
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