Amenhotep III
Updated: 2/15/2021
Amenhotep III

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Is that a good idea?
  • That will take a lot of resources!
  • I want to build more temples, buildings, and statues.
  • We should focus on other things.
  • Conflict
  • I have already expanded and strengthened Egypt's borders. Now we will focus on art.
  • No, this is what we are going to focus on.
  • But if we strengthen our army we can expand even more.
  • Shouldn't we focus on something besides art? Maybe our armies and war?
  • Fine.
  • Rising Action
  • I know. There are much more important things to be working on.
  • Did you hear that Amenhotep wants to focus on art?
  • Amenhotep III was the ninth pharaoh during the 18th dynasty. He ruled Egypt for 38 years until he died, and then his son, Ankhsenamun, took over. Amenhotep focused on art and ordered over 250 temples, buildings, and statues to be build.
  • Climax
  • What if we focused on building up our armies?
  • The gods think that it is a good idea.
  • He maintained peace and prosperity so he was able to focus on art. Many of the impressive structures of Ancient Egypt were built under his reign. He expanded and strengthened the borders.
  • Falling Action
  • I still think this is a bad way to use resources.
  • It's not that bad and our armies are already really good.
  • People did not agree with Amenhotep's plan and rumors started to spread.
  • Resolution
  • People kept trying to talk Amenhotep out of it but he would not sway. Eventually everyone stopped trying to argue with him.
  • Oh, then I guess it's fine.
  • The building started and people were still annoyed about it but they did not fight back as much.
  • I guess you are right.
  • Once everything was built everyone liked them and decided that it actually was a good way to use resources.
  • Told you so.
  • It actually looks nice.