Comic water strip
Updated: 3/30/2020
Comic water strip
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  • Mia's Adventure
  • Water Town
  • One day in Water Town Mia was bored so she went on a walk but then she got evaporated she turned from a liquid into a gas.
  • Welcome to the land of evaporation. I am the sun and I will heat you up.
  • Ah!!! I feel like I am boiling.
  • I am a cloud I am consisted of water droplets like you
  • Stay around if you like.
  • WOW you guys are way to heavy because you condensed at cold temperatures. Second you became a liquid and then you could turn into rain, snow, sleet, or hail. That is because of precipitation.
  • This is scary. Why did I take a walk? Why?
  • Hi I am Bayou!
  • Hello, I am Mia. What is your name?
  • Hi again. My heat energy causes you to evaporate.
  • Bye! See you later.
  • Welcome back!
  • You guys condensed into water droplets again because of the cold temperatures and now you are going to become rain which is a form of precipitation.
  • I know a way out of this cycle so stick with me in the cloud. Got the joke?
  • I am stuck in this endless cycle. I will never ever see my family again.
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