Updated: 3/4/2021

Storyboard Text

  • The girl next door is very pretty, I'm goint to risk, I'm going to introduce myself.
  • Thank you!
  • Hi, My name is Nathalie
  • Hello! my name is Stiven, and you?
  • Oh! Your name is very pretty
  • I'm 19 years old, and you?
  • What a coincidence, I also get off here
  • I'm 21 years old .Oh, I get off at this station
  • How old are you?
  • Wow amazing! I am studying biomedical engineering in the UAO, I am in fifth semester
  • Can I accompany you?
  • And what's your ocupation?
  • I'm a psychology student in the universidad del valle. I'm a second semester. I am also a nursing assistant and you?
  • Yes of course
  • Yes, I am not here, I'm from Pereira, and you?
  • I am from here, Cali
  • Excellent...your accent is different, where are you from?
  • You're welcome. Before I leave, can I have your number?
  • Of course, when I arrive to my house, I text you
  • Bye Nathalie, nice to meet you
  • Sure, my number is 78912. Can you text me ?so I can add you
  • See you later Stiven!
  • This is my house, thank for joinning me.