Updated: 5/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • In this morning
  • So my students, for tomorrow I would like you to do a little explanation of the verb patterns. The grade will be the most important in the class
  • When leaving the school day in camila's room
  • Now what am I going to do!
  • I try to understand but is difficult
  • In this moment
  • I am a person of the future and i can help you
  • I help to study for the exposition in the class english
  • Who are you and what are you doing here?
  • Woah! it's amazing, yes accept
  • The English teacher Julieta had asked her students to explain how to better understand the topic of verbs patterns and obtain positive points.
  • They went to the room
  • Yes is correct. Good job!
  • So, in the first form we use: V+TO+V and the form of the verb don't important.
  • Camila did not understand the topic of the class and did not know how to do the problem.
  • Learning the second way
  • So, in the second form we use: V+V(ING) and in the second verb add (ing)
  • At that time, Camila was in her room and heard a bell when she went to look for a person from the future.
  • End of explanation
  • Good job, your welcome
  • Finally in third form we use: V+ Prep + V(ing), and examples: 1.He specialises in helping children, 2. She has been since practicing last week.
  • At the time, Camila was understanding very well thanks to Esteban's explanation and she was sure of her answer.
  • Oh is easy, so two examples can be: 1.I wait to practice soccer .2. They choose to buy the clothes.
  • Camila and Esteban begin to practice on the second form and camila begins to understand better.
  • So a example is: I practice running everyday in the morning, now is your turn!
  • Thanks, so two examples are: 1. She don't risk having the seatbelt.2. I avoid suffering a injury in my knee.3. We stop practicing extreme sports.
  • Finally Camila understands the explanation very good and is ready for her presentation, thanking Esteban.
  • Me!! two examples are:1.He lost oxygen otherwise waiting to recover in the hospital.2.I preparing until dancing better.thanks now i am ready!