The Sniper Plot Diagram Activity
Updated: 5/22/2020
The Sniper Plot Diagram Activity

Storyboard Text

  • He is up there!
  • Scene 1: The Republican Sniper decided to sit and smoke a cigarette after eating a meal. The other sniper shoots at him because he saw the light from his cigarette. However, the other sniper misses.
  • Scene 2 (INCITING INCIDENT): An informant woman blows the Republican Sniper's cover to a soldier. The Republican Sniper is forced to shoot the soldier and the woman for his own safety.
  • I wish that I never had to do that.
  • Scene 3: The Republican Sniper suddenly gets shot in his right forearm by the other sniper from the opposite roof. He then cleans it up and wraps the cotton wadding around it.
  • I just killed my brother!
  • Scene 4 (CLIMAX): The Republican Sniper fools the other sniper by pretending he was dead. This allowed for him to shoot the other sniper without him expecting it.
  • Scene 5: The Republican Sniper felt remorse because of what he did and because of the war in general. He then tried to shake himself out of it.
  • Scene 6 (RESOLUTION): The Republican Sniper was curious as to who he had killed. He wondered if he knew him or not. So, he turned over the dead body and discovered that it was his brother.