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Updated: 10/16/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Woman's Jobs in Mesopotamia
  • The Social Pyramid in Mesopotamia
  • The Great innovations of Mesopotamia
  • Woman's were to stay in house and cook.They made food for they're families.They knitted and made clothes.There was a possibilitie woman could become a prietessess,scribe and artisans
  • Farming in Mesopotamia
  • The people at the top of Mesopotomia's social pyramid were always the people the most power but there were not alot of people in that range.Going down is people with the least power in the middle were people like scribes,merchants and priest.At the bottom were farmers and slaves because they no power in mesopotamia.
  • Mesopotamia's laws(Code of Hummurabi
  • Mesopotamians created great innovations during it's time that were agricultarel.Levees and dikes were made to stop flooding into their crops.The seeder plow helped farmers spread seed with hand.Canals helped a lot for trade so boats can come through,Irrigation made sure to much water couldn't get into the crops.Demestication of plants and animals allowed mesopotomia to use them for resources.
  • The advanced Technology in Mesopotamia
  • The farming in Mesopotamia allowed Mesopotamian's to have surpluses of food because they were no longer nomadic.Trade in farming allowed Mesopotamia the services they needed.Division of Labor helped farming go faster to get services faster.Irrigation made sure the plants were watered but not to a extended point.
  • Hummerabi was a Babylonian King with a lot of power.Hummurabi was a military leader,He created the (CODE OF LAW).But many people was thinking Hummurabi actually got the laws from a sun god called Shamash.The code of law was engraved in a stone by French archeoligist in 1901 to 1902.Known as the first legal law
  • Mesopotamians were very smart people,they created things that we still use today.1 plows are used to help plant crops,spreading seed.2 wheel helps f[or transportation,modern day cars are not complete without wheels.3 Transportation containers keep things from breaking from going from one place to another,like Amazon,Fed ex and UPS boxes.It improved Mesopotamia's and the modern day's life.
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