The Electron Transport Water Park
Updated: 1/17/2020
The Electron Transport Water Park
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  • Electron Transport Water Park
  • The Krusty Kreb Cycle
  • Electron Transport Water Park
  • Meanwhile next door to the Krusty Kreb Cycle...
  • This is Ellie and her friends!!!! Ellie is a hydrogen electron and her friends are all other electrons. They are spending the day at the Electron Transport Water Park. They arrived by Ellie's mom NADH + FADH2.
  • Ellie and her other hydrogen friends go on the Inner Membrane Slide. This causes the hydrogens to go to the other side of the park and create a concentration gradient.
  • The End!!!!!!!!
  • The ATP synthase slide creates a new batch of ATP as Ellie's hydrogen friends follow the ATP.
  • The wind and oxygen in the air pick up Ellie and all of her friends and then transform them into water that fills the pool and creates 32 more ATP molecules.
  • We have now created cellular respiration!! Thank you for joining us on this trip to the mitochondria!!!
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