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The Krusty Kreb Cycle
Updated: 1/17/2020
The Krusty Kreb Cycle
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  • SpongeEnzyme A, the cook, enters the Krusty Kreb Cycle and is ready to begin making everyone's food.
  • SpongeEnzyme A first needs to prepare the meat. He has 2 left over pounds from yesterday and 4 new pounds today, which means he has 6 pounds (6-carbon molecule) to make.
  • The 6 pounds of meat (6- carbon molecule) are then broke down to make individual patties. (NADH + release CO2)
  • SpongeEnzyme A the breaks down an splits up the 5 new packages he received (5- carbon molecule). He splits them into lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and cheese. (NADH + ATP)
  • Pip and Pie both ordered burgers so they need 4 buns (4- carbon molecule), so SpongeEnzyme A takes the buns out and rearranges them for the burgers. (NADH + FADH2)
  • SpongeEnzyme A almost forgot the most important ingredient! He rearranges the 4 buns (4- carbon molecule) again, so he can put the secret formula (oxaloacetate) on. Once SpongeEnzyme A serves Pip and Pie, he is ready to begin the burger making cycle all over.
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