Ant project

Updated: 3/31/2021
Ant project

Storyboard Text

  • Fred is an ant, and he is in his ant hill which is his habitat. Within his ant hill consists a population of ants. His home is made of soil which can be considered an abiotic factor since it is a non-living component of the ecosystem.
  • Bring me food!!
  • Each ant helps aerate the soil which allows water and oxygen to reach plant roots, this can be described as its niche.
  • Fred decided to go retrieve resources for the Queen Ant.
  • Kakaaa!
  • While on his journey predation occurred and he was attacked by a horrifying bird. The bird and the ant can be known as a biological community because these two populations are interacting, even though it is in a negative way they are still interacting.
  • He used his little legs and marched deep into the wilderness where he ran into his benefiting buddy, fungus, where he took a quick bite to break down the leaves he ate earlier. Fungus is also a biotic factor because it is a living thing that benefits the environment for the ant community. Fungus helped him digest the leaves he ate since he can’t do this task on his own. He is benefiting the fungus as well since he is providing all the food the fungus needs. This is also known as mutualism.
  • *Chomp*
  • Continuing with his journey home he ran into a body of water. He was shocked at the sight of all the plants and animals he could see. This can be referred to as a biome; more specifically a marine biome. Suddenly, a whale appeared out of nowhere! His name was Wally, and he had a problem. He had barnacles all over him, Fred knew he had to help. Fred tried to help Wally, but Wally told him that the barnacles didn’t affect him at all. This can be viewed as commensalism since one species is benefiting, and the other is unbothered.
  • Nearing home, he ran into another problem. He saw a dog being attacked by lots of little fleas. He was saddened to know there was nothing he could do to help the dog since the fleas were benefiting, but the dog was being harmed. The fleas were benefiting by drinking the dog’s blood! This is known as parasitism.