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Middle East religions project/assignments
Updated: 10/1/2020
Middle East religions project/assignments
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  • I will be talking about Monotheism or belief in only one God, Judaism-,Christianity, Islam- are all monotheistic religions founded by, Abraham.
  • The three religions were found in Middle East. before this people believed in many Gods
  • The religion Judiasm there the oldest religion and the rules of living are the ten commandments, the founder and the prophet are Abraham and Moses.
  • the religion Christiantiy the middle old region, the rules of living are the same thing as Judiasm the ten commandments, the founder is Jesus and the prophets are Moses and Jesus.
  • The Islam the youngest religion, the people there are Muslims, the rules of living are the five pillars, the founder and the Prophet are Muhammad.
  • The three religions that i just talked about have in common the three religions Christianity Islam the rues of living but different wording. the other similarity are that they all have holy books, they all have house of worth ship, they believe in the same God. these religion are different but have more in common.
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