Zoe Knobeloch's Road To Revolution Storyboard

Zoe Knobeloch's Road To Revolution Storyboard

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A social studies project thingy

Storyboard Text

  •         The Proclamation Of 1763
  • Hear ye! No colonist may live to the West of the Appalachian Mountains! 
  • The entire livelihood of my family was based on the idea of moving over to the other side of the Appalachian Mountains! Now we are doomed!  
  • The Stamp Act- 1764
  • Hey! Lady! You need to pay the tax for those stamps you bought!
  • With all these taxes, we can hardly eat!
  •  The Boston Massacre-1770
  • FIRE!!
  • *General Mayhem*
  • The Proclamation of 1763 was created after the French and Indian war. It prevented colonists from settling West of the Appalachian Mountains. The law was put in place to prevent further conflicts and cost from skirmishes between the colonists and the Native Americans.
  • The Boston Tea Party-1773
  • TEA
  • The Stamp Act, as well as multiple other acts were put in place to tax the colonists in order to pay for the French and Indian War. There ended up being a repeal on the Stamp Act due to colonial rebellion, better known as Stamp Act Congress.
  • The Intolerable Acts- 1774
  • This soldier will be living with you until further notice.
  • WHAT!? You can't do that!
  • The Boston Massacre took place as the colonists revolted against Britain's taxes. The colonists had gathered together against the soldiers and a small fight broke out, resulting in around 5 deaths. Nobody is sure who yelled 'FIRE!', the colonists and soldiers both have different answers.
  • First Continental Congress- 1774
  • We will rebel! No longer shall we be slaves to Britain!
  • The Boston Tea Party took place as colonists of Boston rebelled against the Tea Act. The colonists did not approve of the taxing and restrictions of the tea, as it seemed unfair to not allow the colonists to buy any other tea than the approved by the British. The colonists rebelled by throwing large crates of British tea off of the ships. Their motto was "No taxation without representation."
  • TEA
  • The Intolerable Acts were created by Britain after the Boston Tea Party. There were 6 acts. The quartering act had British soldiers stay in homes provided by the unhappy colonists.(Shown above) In another act, Boston harbor was closed until the Boston Tea Party was paid for by the inhabitants of Boston. There were four more acts, each one restricting the colonists further and further.
  • Actually, by law, we CAN...
  • We have to do something!
  • The first continental congress was created in rebellion to the taxes that Britain was piling on the colonists. It took place in Pennsylvania, and all 13 colonies were invited to come. During the meeting, the people considered options on how to rebel against what was happening.
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