Lost City of Atlantis Part 2
Updated: 12/5/2020
Lost City of Atlantis Part 2

Storyboard Text

  • A few years later....
  • Shawna
  • Enjoy!
  • Sarah
  • Da'shawn
  • I think I am gonna find my dad!
  • Hey Da'shawn
  • Sure!
  • Umm hi Michaela
  • You have to take me and Da'shawn
  • Oh that is perfect
  • Hey guys I found a dusty old map...and I think it leads to Atlantis!!!
  • Awesome!
  • Is that a dragon?!!
  • Let me take a pic!
  • If I were you I would not mess with that!
  • Finally Safe
  • Hmm..
  • What is Shawna thinking about? What does she mean?
  • Could this be it?
  • We shall see next week and don't forget to check out my friend's book called poor to rich bye!
  • ...Called Poor to Rich bye!