The Big Day
Updated: 12/20/2019
The Big Day
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  • Exposition
  • You bet, and plus we need to go the ring quick its about to start
  • We can agree that with all the training i have done we are ready
  • Inciting Incident
  • Big crowd, don´t worry because we will win with your determination
  • Maybe, lets hope we have an upper hand
  • Rising Action
  • Nice hit, keep it up JJ
  • Let's go Champ, you can win this
  • It's an exciting afternoon, JJ had just finished training with his coach, babatunda. His afternoon was exciting because he can finally win against loggan pool.
  • Rising Action
  • Two points will taken off of logan pool for unfair punch behind JJ
  • A big crowd watching the fight from the UK and the USA. The second fight between them, a must watch fight.As the commentator shouts "Coming inside the ring is the Nightmare JJ."
  • Climax
  • Round 6 over, now stand by fighters.
  • The match starts and already the two are going head to head, A fight of who is willing to win and called champion. The commentator later shouts "A nice hit by JJ and it seems to do real damage to logan pool."
  • Falling Action and Resolution
  • Commentator announces "It's almost the end of round 6 and both fighters seem tired out, JJ still looks like he is in good condition." It seems as JJ might win.
  • Ref, That was fair are you blind.
  • The commentator announces ¨The ref is showing the match is over, It´s about time since both fighters seem tired.¨
  • Please be JJ.
  • Let´s go champ
  • The commentator says in a nervous voice ¨The ref´s decision by the judges are , 35, 22 to JJ, 33, 22 To logan pool,The winner is... form the United..Kingdom the nightmare JJ.¨
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