Updated: 1/16/2021

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  • The Articles of Confederation established the first congress of the United States. The AoC was considered a "league of friendship" between the states because power was primarily held by the states. The founders created a central government like this so that its power was extremely limited. Unfortunately, the AoC proved too weak to be effective and too hard to change, so it was replaced.
  • The AoC will keep the government from being too king like.
  • League of Friendship is exactly what I have with my human.
  • The AoC limited the ability of the government to fund the country's defense because there was no power to tax. The government had to request money from the states, but the states seldom paid.
  • Arg! You can't force the states to pay!
  • We need a navy! These Barbary Pirates are a problem.
  • By the rules of the AoC, the central government lacked the power to force the states to fund it. It could only print money. Unfortunately, the more continental dollars it printed, the less each was worth.
  • A wagon load of money will scarcely buy a wagon load of provisions.- George W.
  • Northwest Ordinance was adopted by congress to guide the settlement and division of the Northwest Territory. To become a territory, they needed 5,000 free males. To become a state, a territory needed to have at least 60,000 free males.
  • me and 5,000 free men have created a territory.
  • The Northwest Ordinance ensured Indians fair treatment, and all settlers religious liberty, no slavery, civil liberties, and education in the territories.
  • yay! liberty at last now I can get an education.
  • Shay's Rebellion was a 4,000-strong, armed rebellion among the citizens of Massachusetts. It started as a complaint about debt, but it turned into an attack on a federal armory. The federal government lacked the power to require states to contribute forces to defend itself because of the AoC's restrictions on the central government.
  • we are armed but the state can't defend its self!