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Updated: 4/1/2021
Unknown Story

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  • What artificial selection technologies are you researching?
  • Here the apple is shaped different and colored different
  • Here the apple's shape and size and color has changed by humans modifying it with products and procedures. This apple is what they consider perfect in looks to sell
  • Why were they created?
  • Gene
  • Who created them?
  • I researched how fruits and vegetables are genetically modified.In the example above it shows how the apple can be modified.
  • What technologies have led to these scientific discoveries?
  • Genetic Modifications were created to improve on the way foods and genetic things look.
  • In what ways have they helped society?
  • Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen came out with the first genetically modified organism in 1973 and after that they contained to modify things.And in 1994 Calgene came out with the first modified food product which was a tomato.
  • In what ways have they harmed society?
  • Genetic modifications go back to older time and they started to make modifications because they were influenced in the result of the mutations or modifications.
  • 1900's
  • The modifications have helped society with the way things are now in how us humans can be modified or in food and foods can be sold more or more appealing.
  • The modifications or mutations have harmed society because modifying things with stuff that isn't natural can cause mutations that are far from normal and making something go wrong especially in living organisms.
  • Society