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Animal Farm - Chapter 5
Updated: 3/25/2020
Animal Farm - Chapter 5
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  • Bigger acreage of barley!
  • Bigger acreage of oats!
  • I have found many plans on a windmill!
  • If we build one, we wont have to work as much!
  • That'll never work, don't listen to him
  • Clover catches Mollie getting pet by Mr. Pilkington on the other farm. A couple days later, Mollie dissapears
  • I'm not voting on this
  • Snowball and Napoleon are having constant arguments over everything on the farm
  • BARK!
  • Snowball has an idea of a windmill, but Napolean is disgareeing with it
  • We will be building the Windmill
  • It was Napoleon's idea all along!
  • The animals vote on what they should do. It's a tie, and benjamin won't vote
  • Napoleon has three dogs chase Snowball out of the farm. All the animals are scared
  • Napolean announces that they will build the windmill, and Squealer says that it was his idea all along. Boxer then admits that "Napoleon is always right"
  • Napoleon is always right...
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